Beer Brands has a Vast Selection, but Fizzles Out

Beer Brands iPhone App by Webworks and Applications is loaded with information of more than 7,800 brands of beer. I suppose Beer Brands is designed to give you on-the-spot information for a beer, as you stand in the cooler isle of your local store amazed by the vast selection of brew. Confused and steadily becoming depressed as you struggle to make a decision, you whip out your ever so trusty iPhone and quickly start looking up the mysterious brands using the Beer Brands app.

In theory, Beer Brands should be a great addition to any beer drinkers repertoire. Therein lies the problem. Most beer drinkers, unlike wine or scotch drinkers, tend to select their beers on taste through trial and error. Many have a good 8 to 10 beers that they like and can pretty much find regardless of where they are. But if you’re the type that wants to impress someone with your knowledge of beers, or you really are concerned with where it was brewed, and the best serving temperature, then Beer Brands is a fair starting point.

Beer Brands is packed with a huge variety of beers. It’s also easy to find a number of my favorites missing from the list. Okay, I’m sure that’s bound to happen no matter what type of list is created.

When Beer Brands is opened you begin at the Favorites screen and you’ll notice four search options on the bottom — Favorites, All Beers, Beer Style, Random Beer.

The Favorites screen comes pre-populated with several selections. I don’t know what criteria they used to place beers in the Favorites category. There are a few listed that would make my favorites list. However, I may be wrong but I’m guessing, if you’re a beer connoisseur and you just dropped a couple of bills on a new iPhone, Budweiser probably wouldn’t be on your list of favorites. The upside is you can delete their favorites and add your own from the beers in the other categories.

The All Beers option allows you to scroll through all the beers listed in Beer Brands in alphabetical order. Once you find one you’re interested in tap it and you can obtain additional information. Including:

  • Brewery — name and type
  • Beer Details — type of serving glass-best serving temperature-alcohol percentage-best year
  • Best Served With — type of food best served with, and the option to email your find to a friend
  • Beer Style allows you to search by categories such as Belgian Specialty or Pale Ale.

Random Beer gives you information on a different beer every time you tap it.

Beer Brands is a free, ad-supported app with ads strategically placed right next to the search bar. This is a problem because a few times, while attempting to use the search bar, I accidentally tapped the ad and was redirected out of the app to the ad’s website.

There also doesn’t appear to be a way to add beers to the app and unfortunately I couldn’t find any instructions or tutorials. Several attempts to check the app’s Web site resulted in little more than a splash page with a note that said; “be back soon”, an email address, and a message stating “…if you’re bored, check out our iPhone Applications on the Appstore”.

Actually they got it half right. I am bored. Bored of this app.

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