Bubbles in this Shoot & Pop Game are Frozen in Time

Frozen Bubble, from EGB, is a port of the free version of the popular Frozen Bubble game for the Mac and Linux platforms. It’s the classic shoot and pop game, along the same lines as Snood, Puzzle Bobble and Bubble Town, which I reviewed recently.

The object of Frozen Bubble is to pop matching bubbles, three at a time, by shooting bubbles at bubbles hanging from a ceiling. The ceiling slowly descends and if you miss lining up your bubbles and popping them within the allotted time the bubbles will crush you, or jam your shooter or something like that.

The desktop version of this kind of game is almost always played with a mouse, which you use to aim and shoot bubbles all in one motion. In my earlier review I wrote that to quickly move side to side and shoot is key to the fun of playing this kind of game. That’s where the excitement is. What’s more important is not the look of the game, but the way it plays.

Frozen Bubble uses the iPhone and iPod touch’s accelerometer to enhance game play, but it just doesn’t work all that well. Using motion control is the only option, by the way. Unlike similar games in the App Store you don’t have the option of using touch control to aim. Controlling the shooter on Frozen Bubble is hit and miss and I found that it was slow to react.

Once you’ve lined up your shot, tap the large Launch Bubble! button on the bottom of the screen.

Frozen Bubble is slow. It has to be a bit slow, given the screen’s limited real estate. Any faster, and it would be difficult to react. But this game will put you to sleep because it’s too slow. There’s neither sense of urgency nor engagement.

The developer did a pretty good job porting the look of the free version. The graphics in Frozen Bubble are nicely rendered. It’s the concept that fails. On the plus side, it’s $0.99.

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