Falling Balls: Simple Tilt-Game May be too Simple for Some

Falling Balls – When it comes to simple flash animation games, there are a couple of schools of thought, not all of them favorable. Some games are extremely addictive by nature and others are just ridiculous.

Falling Balls by BIT-101 is indeed a simple flash animation game along the same lines as Poke the Bunny and Line Rider, but with its own simple concept and a pretty apropos title. To play, you tilt your iPhone side to side to move a little stick man so that he avoids the falling balls. Sound simple? Well it is.

While no one expects anything visually stunning from a basic flash game, it’s hard to say where the appeal for some comes from. Perhaps the fascination is based on the simplest of simple design and regardless, how wonderful is it that the iPhone has become a platform for independent designers? In the case of Falling Balls, you are promised nothing more than what it is and because it’s free, you’ve nothing to lose.

That’s not to say you have anything to gain either and it would have taken bigger falling balls to charge for this app. Falling Balls itself is not exactly entertaining to play and the sound effects of the bouncing balls are pretty near irritating. When the little stick dude can’t outrun the balls, he splatters into a blob of gore with a scream that’s nearly as irritating as the bouncing balls. Sadly however, that’s sort of the most entertaining part. Maybe if the game could be played while simultaneously listening to music, it would have more appeal.

Falling Balls is at least proof that anyone can design an app for the iPhone and kudos to the designer of it, and others, who stake their claim to fame in the App Store. If you’re super bored and looking for something mindless to do, a quick download of Falling Balls will kill some time — and a stick figure or two. However, unless you’re ten years old, in which case you’ll crack up laughing at every splat, you probably won’t play it more than four or five times. But again, it’s free.

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